Data Science

Data Science

Sovratec leverage the latest trends in Data Sciences, we enable businesses to churn through raw data to transform information into knowledge resulting in higher revenue generation.

Sovatec’s Data Science Services go beyond just “business.” We know what it takes to deliver value for your business. We seek to create lasting partnerships with our customers by delivering value for money.  Our team of  data scientist build, design, and customize AI-driven systems as part of your existing in-house team or on a turnkey basis to help you complete your project quickly and affordably. We implement end-to-end Big Data solutions with Data Science technologies such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence with Deep Learning seamlessly baked into it.

Hire Experienced AI Software Engineers

Business Intelligence & AI Software

Sovratec uses predictive analytics tools to build business intelligence (BI) software solutions from scratch or integrate into existing business environments, including tools that focus on delivering self-service capabilities, enabling decision-makers to recognize performance gaps, and reducing IT dependencies.

Machine Learning

We program machine learning, deep learning, and other AI-powered network software systems into your current IT infrastructure.

Natural Language Processing

We program Natural Language Processing (NLP) software solutions to analyze structured and semi-structured content, including search queries, mined web data, business data repositories, and audio sources to detect emerging trends, provide operational insights, and perform predictive analytics.

Regulatory Compliance Monitoring

We leverage AI tools to process large volumes of data with advanced speed and accuracy to transform your regulatory compliance monitoring software. We develop AI applications that can read and interpret compliance documents to deliver actionable insights and ensure that operations keep up with all emerging compliance requirements.

AI-Driven Software Solutions

Our expert team of software engineers conceptualizes and implements AI-driven software solutions into business operations to contribute to long-term business continuity and efficiency, including smart systems for data-driven decision making, marketing & sales, or customer service.

Data-Driven Decision Making

To make data-driven decisions, you must pay close attention to the data. We engineer intelligent systems that can detect growth hacking opportunities and operational bottlenecks that slow businesses down. These systems also incorporate risk analysis, operational forecasting, predictive maintenance, and demand predictions all on one platform.

Marketing & Sales

We implement AI algorithms to help business operations maximize acquisition, retention, and relevance to their marketing & branding campaigns, including sales forecasting, brand sentiment analytics, lead scoring & LTV calculator, customer segmentation, and customer behavior analytics.

Customer Service

Our developers augment customer service workflows using AI, creating advanced customer data analytics and conversational agents to improve customer service, including chatbots, voice-first interfaces, cognitive assistants, contextual recommendations, and intelligent self-service options.

Data Science Support

Sovratec data science and software engineer teams are ready to provide assistance with existing projects.  If you’re stuck in one of the following areas or just need to know how to get started. Contact us today.

    • Ingesting data from required sources
    • Preparing data for modeling purposes
    • Identifying appropriate algorithms for the use-case being worked upon
    • Developing Machine Learning Models
    • Executing the models multiple times
    • Ranking & Scoring data
    • Training & retraining models

Machine Learning Process