iRis Inventory

iRis Inventory System


Are you managing multiple online stores? iRis Inventory can be integrated with multiple e-commerce platforms and shopping carts to capture your orders and consolidate them in a single window. The inventory management software enables you to monitor sales trend and your stock levels across all channels.

Powerful inventory tracking

Manage and track serialized and batched items through the complete lifecycle from procurement when goods are initially received, to issuing of stock, stock requisitions, and sales orders, during a stocktake. Track total on-hand quantities for the product as well as individual items and specific costings, with the Serial and Batch Tracking feature in iRis Inventory.

Demand-based inventory control

Reorder levels and out-of-stock reminders keep you informed of stock depletion rates. Maximize your warehouse space by reordering fast-moving products from preferred vendors while putting your slow-moving products on back order.