Workflow Management

Workflow and Process Management

Make your business achieve its full potential.

Not one case is the same. Each unique case ideally requires a unique process route to reach the desired results in the most efficient way. In Dynamic Case Management systems, the process is not predetermined. Instead, case-specific needs and the available data are forming it.

Today’s Challenges

Changing Regulations

Changing legislation may negatively affect workflows in the business world. Slowing workflow wastes time and money. Therefore, companies that want to thrive, must be agile.

Endless Paperwork

Most companies still have their policies and regulations on paper, in excel lists, and in PDF files; they retype forms and look literally for hours for one specific piece of information.

Set in Stone Processes

Customers expect a personalized journey for their unique case. Traditional case management systems have no room for case-specific needs or exceptions to the rules.

Mistakes and Errors

Traditional case management systems don’t have an automated decision support system. This deficiency causes more mistakes and malfunctions, as they cannot embrace any complexity.

Dynamic Case Management (DCM) systems are the solution. Get rid of rigid workflow structures. Instead, create services that are more personal, flexible, and faster, while ensuring compliance. Manage both long and short-term cases and handle all corresponding files in one system. By using our low-code development platform instead of hand coding, your applications will be live in no-time.

Manage Complex Cases with Be Informed

Work Management

Assign the right task to the right case worker, at the right time based on predetermined rules.

Context-driven processes

Determine the needed actions on every case based on the context of the case.

Automated decision making

Automated decision-making based on the context of the case and case-specific rules.

Dynamic user interfaces

Team collaboration through customizable authorization and flexible case handling.

Integrated audit trails

History and record of context, allowing easy tracking of all performed cases and processes.

Low-code development

Create applications through model-driven development and easily make changes yourself.

Case Workers

Work management software supports case workers in handling dynamic cases by assigning tasks to the appropriate worker at the right time.
Workflows are streamlined and processes are flexible when required. Improve collaboration and efficiency while saving time and lowering costs.

End Users

Guide customers through your customer journey in a personalized way, based on their wants and needs, while receiving valuable information at the same time.
Streamline user experiences and deliver faster results. Discover the flexibility to deliver truly personalized service with customer-centric applications.

What can I handle with Workflow?

Case management

Report incidents and take corrective actions.

Claim processing

Process and resolve claims. Generate reports for analysis.


Assign tickets quickly and track for responsive solutions.

Service requests

Quick access and smart alerts for service requests.