We believe that useful, unique and inspired design begins with understanding the end user. Our industrial designers and researchers use various techniques to gather these valuable insights and are highly skilled at generating innovative concepts. We strive to provide manufacturable designs that offer a meaningful experience to the end customer.

Concept Development

Whether you’re looking to shape your future offerings or just want to apply the finishing touches to your product, our team will deliver fast, intelligent and user-friendly solutions. We’re not just stylists, we’re problem solvers. Our goal is to get you from blank page to robust solutions with speed and accuracy.

  • Concept sketching
  • Hand modeling
  • Process-oriented idea generation
  • Structured client brainstorming


Looking for a clearer picture of the landscape in which your products compete? We dig deep by studying societal and market trends, competitive forces and, most importantly, conducting observational research of your end user.

  • Research plans and reports
  • User observation
  • Field studies


Our User Experience team leverages market research and customer observations to understand how users, software and hardware interact in each new application. We use these insights to design elegant and intuitive experiences that drive customer engagement and deliver meaningful impact for our clients.

  • User Stories and Digital Wireframes
  • Custom Iconography and Information Graphics
  • User-Tested Clickable Prototypes
  • Web and Mobile Application Design
  • Hardware Interface Design and Specification

Human Factors

We apply the latest in ergonomics and human interface technology to ensure your customer is treated to the best experience possible.

  • Ergonomic analysis
  • Interface design

Advanced Surfacing

At Optimal Design, we never allow our tools to drive our design intent, which is why we insist that our designers have powerful surfacing capabilities. We are limited only by our creative vision.

  • Surface and solid modeling
  • Fully shelled models

Visual Communication

Design doesn’t always utilize styling. In many cases, design is used to help products reveal (or conceal) their purpose. Design can be used to make products look tough, small, technical, easy-to-clean, etc. The more your product can speak for itself, the better.

  • Form studies
  • Attribute dissemination


We can bring new products in line with your current offerings or re-shape your entire product line. We understand what it takes to create a consistent and powerful brand language.

  • Visual brand language
  • Style guides