We partner with businesses to chart a successful, strategic path to digital innovation and transformative products to drive revenue growth.

How do we achieve this? Our team starts by taking a structured approach to assess your business goals. We lead innovation workshops to evaluate market opportunities, develop product and business model concepts, and identify the best and (more importantly) right technologies for your specific application, cost targets, data and cloud connectivity, and monetization strategies.

We don’t stop with a vision.  Optimal Design also provides a complete concept to deployment plan and schedule. In the early phases, our user interaction teams make sure the end result will be an innovation that meaningfully impacts the business and ultimate end-user.  We provide your executive team the full picture to digitally transform your products and services.

What happens next? Empowered with all of this front-end knowledge and planning, our tightly integrated design, engineering, prototyping and deployment teams go to work. Delivering digital innovations that disrupt the marketplace.

How long does this take? The strategy portion of the process can be as fast as 2 weeks up to several months depending on the business complexity and scope. But rest assured, Optimal Design accelerates speed to market. This is why we do everything in-house, with highly skilled and experienced professionals who come from a wide variety of industries.  Our teams collaborate under one roof, leverage the latest technology, and take full accountability for every phase of the process.